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The Carrot Seed - An Online Reading

Every year my class chooses a star book to perform at an all school morning meeting. In September we chose The Carrot Seed by Ruth Kraus. Throughout the year we practiced our reading SUPER POWERS - using a storyteller voice, picture power, pointer power, snap word power and so much more! Unfortunately, we did not get to host all school morning meeting this year, but that did not stop us from creating an online reading of our favorite star book!

A HUGE thank you to Mr. Bouchard for editing our video and my nugs who continue to inspire me everyday. COVID-19 may keep us out of our classroom, but it has not stopped us from learning and sharing our learning with those we love.

I am so incredibly proud of these nugs.

I wish you well.
Miss Brehm
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Okay - so I haven't written an actual blog post in a long time, but this warranted one! A friend of mine shared this with me! As many of you know I LOVE Mo Willems. He is by far my favorite children's book author. He is starting an incredible YouTube series with the Kennedy Center titled Let's Doodle Together!

At 1:00 pm EST Mo will be posting a video all about being creative and doodling! Check it out!

Here is the first episode!

During this time I believe we need to draw on our strength and practice empathy. I am only a phone call, text, or email away. 
I wish you well. Love, Miss Brehm

Working on an exciting g project! We love spending time with Tía Ross’ clase!

Thank you doesn’t even cover it! @cochransskiarea you’re simply the best ☀️

Mrs. Bahr - Kindergarten circa 1959

Perfect Day on the Mountain

Kindergarten - Circa 1997